Last weekend we visited (after obtaining a special permit) the Natural Reserve of the island of Montecristo.

Helped by fabulous meteorological conditions, we spent a wonderful day.

Hosted impeccably by Forest Guards and the pair of keepers we visited the appurtenances of Cala Maestra, appreciated the local flora, visited the small natural history museum and the royal villa.

We left Friday lunchtime from Scarlino and after about twenty miles we anchored south of Punta Calamita (the place of Elba closest to Montecristo) where we spent the night.

The next day, early in the morning, we covered the 23 miles that separated us from Montecristo where we arrived in the late morning. After the visit, which lasted about two hours, we had lunch under the pine forest of Cala Maestra. A final farewell to forest guards and custodians (which hosted us flawlessly) and left at 15:00 for a long close-hauling that brought us back to the Island of Elba.

On Sunday, after a bit of relaxation  at anchor, we resumed sailing for Scarlino, where we arrived in the early afternoon.

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